Equestrian Bit Ice Scoop


Distribute ice from a bucket with flair when using this horse bit ice scoop from the Vagabond House Equestrian Collection. Those who appreciate the sport of horse racing will love owning this large 9-inch ladle with a small replica of a horse bit on the handle’s end, crafted in lustrous, silvery aluminum alloy. The spoon portion of the serving piece has a rounded, tapered end to avoid spills and make pouring and serving easy. This implement can also be used to scoop out servings of candy or ice cream at parties. Its brilliant shine and unique pewter motif stand out to command attention and inspire conversation among steed aficionados. 

Size: L: 8.0″ / W: 3.0″ / H: 2.0″
Care: Hand cleaning with warm water and a soft cloth

*Do not put in dishwasher*



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