Dubarry Boot Care Leather Cream


Your Dubarry boots are made to last, using the finest quality leather to ensure high performance and protection. Created using the full cowhide, with its characterful and naturally occurring imperfections, the leathers are specially treated to absorb less moisture and require 70% less drying time compared to other leather types. But all leather needs care, and with a little time and the right treatments, your Dubarry boots will stay supple and waterproof. Treatment applies to any of our leather footwear products, whether deck shoes, sailing boots or country boots.

Strongly recommended for use along with Dubarry Footwear Cleaner, Footwear Conditioner, Footwear Protector.  Helps to protect, preserve and softern leather.

PLEASE NOTE: Dubarry Leather Cream must be used on the smooth leather ONLY.


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