Juan Antonio

Why choose Juan Antonio?

The answer is simple…top of the line beauty, quality, and artistic integrity worked into products that are hand crafted in the USA.

Juan Antonio personally selects all of the leather to ensure that the skins are of the highest quality. The embossed leathers come from the best tanneries in Italy. His exotic skins are sources worldwide. His ostrich and caiman skins are from South Africa, the stingray from Asia. This process ensures that the hand, weight, texture, and color saturation of the skins are of the highest quality.

All of Juan Antonio’s bags and accessories are hand crafted. The embellishments such as the lacing, braiding, appliques, inlays, and studding are hand applied. His tooled bags and accessories are hand tooled by skilled craftsmen. Extra attention is given to yield a clean finish and produce a product or excellent quality and integrity.

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