Up Early Patterned Stock Tie – Bobcat


Original & Unique Patterned Stocks
100% finest quality pre-washed sateen cotton
Fabric, original design, & pattern application proudly crafted & sewn in the USA

75” from classic point to point.
These traditionally shaped stock ties, with an elastic sided pull through and a traditional button hole, will add just the right pizazz to your informal hacking jackets.
Custom & limited edition bespoke patterned stock ties are supported by the very best 100% cotton fabrics suited to the traditional purpose of the accessory.

These will be your ‘go to’ stocks when tradition with a flair is your goal.

Hunting for flair? Custom & bespoke patterns unique within the classic tradition of a quality shaped stock tie.

Limited edition patterned 100% fine cotton sateen stock ties named for friends made in the huntfield and past field hunters that were indispensable partners in the shear enjoyment of the hunting tradition.

A stock for ladies & gentlemen who want to charmingly enhance ratcatcher turn out on informal hunting days or sport a unique statement in the hunter ring.


3 in stock (can be backordered)

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