Melinda Brewer ‘Fair Day Lead Grays’ Original Art


This is an original piece by Melinda Brewer. Done in watercolor and matted, this piece is also beautifully framed with a black and silver frame that really brings this piece to life! 

The size of this piece, including frame, is 25.5″ high by 27″ wide.

Over the years, Melinda’s work has been exhibited at several Canadian and US polo tournaments, and she has been acclaimed and recognized by many polo players, polo enthusiasts and polo art collectors. Her work is highly regarded by many because of her understanding and sensitive portraiture of the horse, the real-life and unique depiction of the elegance and nuance in the sport of polo and of course the individual detail captured in each watercolor painting.

Melinda’s exquisitely detailed watercolors capture the essence of polo, whether a depiction of players straining in the heat of play or an introspective study of one of our equine friends in quiet contemplation. It has been said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul and the reflection in the liquid eyes of Melinda’s horses do indeed seem to come alive, reaching to the very depth of the inner being.

This piece is available for sale. Please call 803-642-9772 to purchase and arrange shipping.

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