Ciao Bella “Pinks & Green” Holiday Card


This holiday card features a Christmas scene featuring a pair of foxes decorating their tree with tiny huntcoats and hounds. The inside of card reads, “Have a Very Merry Christmas”.

Cards measure 5″ x 7″.

Sold as singles or in box set, envelope(s) included.

Ciao Bella cards and envelopes are produced using 100% wind power, and are made with FSC certified papers, sourced from sustainable forests. We use plant oil based Biolocity inks.

These cards are published using 100% wind from an onsite turbine, harnessing the power of coastal breezes from Long Island Sound. Clear sleeves, which may be used in packaging the cards, are either recyclable or certified compostable.



Box included ten (10) cards and eleven (11) envelopes. 

Single includes one (1) card and one (1) envelope.

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Single, Box (10)